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Holiday Inspired Weddings in any Season

Holiday Inspired Weddings in Any Season

As the holidays are coming to an end and many engagements are made; brides-to-be are eager to start their wedding plans. Here are some must-haves to create a cozy holiday winter wedding in the warm summer months, perfect for the bride who loves the holiday spirit, but wants a summer wedding. Let’s count down the 6 must-have items you need to create your holiday inspired wedding in the summer.


1) Apple cider bar               aple

can      2) Candles

3) S’mores, please! smore

winter     4) A bouquet filled with Fall/Winter floras

5) Decorative escort cards     tablenames

center    6) Centerpieces with wood accents

Burlap & Lace

6 ways to bring these beautiful textures into your wedding

Who would have ever thought these two would make such a beautiful couple (no pun intended). Maybe opposites really do attract! The rough texture of burlap and the soft feminine touch of lace can truly transform your special day into a classic rustic, yet chic, wedding. You can accent your wedding with these small details to capture the rustic outdoors in any venue…preferably La Jolla Cove Suites.

 1. Wedding Invitations


Use actual burlap & lace on your Invitations to play with your guests’ senses. Or for a more casual, less expensive approach there is always photo printed invitations.


 2. Centerpieces Simplicity at its best… masons jars, burlap & lace strips glued on, and your flower arrangement placed inside.

 3. Ceremony Aisle Accents Talk about an inexpensive and adorable way to decorate your ceremony aisle.  As you walk down to say your “I do’s” to the person of your dreams, you will be able to catch a glimpse of these beautiful bows and you will most certainly appreciate the simplicity it brings to your day.



4. Table Runners If you don’t plan on having a communal style reception dinner, no worries, this table runner can be used to make the head table for you and your future partner one that stands out.

5. Cake Décor  Piece of cake.


6. Your Bridal Bouquet  The flower arrangement would be up to you, but with a little piece of burlap and a lace accent on top, it will definitely look rustic chic against your wedding dress as you walk down the aisle to the next step in your life.

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Congratulations and happy planning!