La Jolla Cove Suites Hotel Kitties

Kittens-14 weeks

There is no doubt that the top criteria for choosing a hotel are its location, clean rooms, and excellent customer service. Beyond that, one important and often overlooked discriminator, though, is whether or not there are hotel kitties at large. It is widely known that the presence of hotel kitties is a strong indicator of a warm, family-oriented, and pet-friendly hotel. 

La Jolla Cove Suites’ hotel kitties, Cornelius and Cleo, are 14 weeks young and thriving. They just went to the vet for their booster vaccines. They are still very playful. One of Cornelius’ favorite games is scaling Assistant General Manager Joanna’s desk via the path he forged, walking across her paperwork, getting  put back down on the floor, and repeating ad infinitum. Both cats are growing very quickly, and their personalities are really starting to show. Cornelius is in charge but Cleo holds her own.  Please come visit our hotel – and our kitties.