Mouthwatering Dessert Choices

Mmm, that wonderful point of the wedding planning checklist where you see it’s time to go taste cakes!  One of the few appointments that your fiance is really excited to attend!  But there are so many options when it comes to desserts, you don’t want to head out to bakeries without having an idea of what you’re looking for.  You could absolutely have the traditional wedding cake and save the top layer for your anniversary, or you could have an array of other delicious items…

Fondant CakeTraditional Cake

“Traditional” does not have to mean boring!  Bakers can do pretty much anything you can imagine with a cake.  Just think of all the reality shows dedicated to cake baking.  Usually though, you’ll attend a cake tasting and be invited to taste their fondant icing, whipped cream icing and butter cream icing.  All three can give you different “looks” to your cake. Typically, the fondant may not taste as good but it’s the one you want to use when you want a cake that looks smooth or intricately decorated.


A nice alternative to the wedding cake that has gained popularity over the Cupcake Towerpast few years are cupcakes.  You can rent a cupcake tower or build your own and decorate it to match your wedding theme.  Choose a few different flavors of cupcakes so your guests can try them all.  Cupcake bakeries pride themselves on having a long list of flavors to choose from.  Our neighbor here in La Jolla, Sprinkles Bakery, offers flavors such as peanut butter chip, lemon coconut, salty caramel and chocolate marshmallow just to name a few.  With options like that your guests will be begging for dessert all day long!  if you still want the traditional cake cutting, order a small cut cake just for you and your honey to place on top, or to the side of, the cupcake tower.


Maybe you don’t like cake.  Maybe you want something different.  Ditch the cakes altogether and cut into a warm apple pie!  Nothing says “family” like pie.  Blueberry, apple, pecan… have them all!  Set up a table with vintage pie stands or a cute cabinet like this one with all the pies on display.  Be sure to make labels for the pies so your guests know what they’re cutting into.  Then, get your caterer on board and have them dish up some vanilla bean or cinnamon ice cream to accompany the pie.

Dessert Buffet

And when you just can’t decide, have a dessert buffet!  Set up a table with your favorite pies, a cut cake, a tray or two of cupcakes, grandma’s famous cookies, your favorite candies in apothecary jars, and some tasty whoopie pies for your East Coast guests.  No one will complain that you have too many desserts.

Dessert Table

Happy Planning from La Jolla Cove Suites!